Turn Your Waste Material in to Home Decoration

Turn Your Waste Material in to Home Decoration

Every home have waste material but not utilized it and only for garbage. Here we bring a creative and artistic ideas how to utilized old or waste material in a purposive way or decorative piece. You must read out this post and recycle your waste material for you home decoration and get center of attraction on your home interior setting. Old bottles, tire, newspaper, Mason jar, tin card paper, CD and many other waste materials are utilized for purposive material and get charming hue on you modern home interior decoration.

Scroll this page and see lovely ideas how to make decoration piece with old waste martial.

Old Mason jar for bathroom interior

Old Mason jar storage idea may also show creativity on your modern bathroom interior. Old Mason jar is utilized as purposive mode in your bathroom. Rustic touch wooden wall board is adorned with metallic hngers and hangs your old mason jar on it for bathroom storage ideas.

Cotton buds, makeup brush, cotton balls and glasses storage make appealing your modern bathroom with ceramic shower set and flower pot. Let’s pick up this unique idea with waste material and decorate your bathroom setting.

Old CD for home decoration

Old CD is also a waste martial that will repurpose in home interior décor. If your CD is old then don’t garbage because here we bring a new sensation how to repurpose your old CD in a creative decorative item. Take your old CD and make eyes moustache and card paper ear and take a cat and hang this creative cat face derogation piece on your kid’s room door or your car. On the other hand cut the old CD in mirror cut pieces and paste on a frame of mirror and adorned your living room wall for creative piece.

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Waste water bottle for makeup storage

Amazing! Old water bottles are best ideas for makeup storage and bathroom needy items. When you expired your old water bottles then cut at the top and their rough corner with seizer and heat for molding with iron and get ready colorful storage for your makeup or bathroom personalized item. You must pick up this creative idea for your colorful old bottles and make purposive storage idea for your personal used items.

Old tin pencil box idea

Here we bring a creative idea to recycle your waste material. Tin pack is a waste material after any eating item. Here we have an idea to repurpose your old tin as decorative pencil box. Take your old tin and remove the tag cover on it and wrapped burlap on it with using of common pins and glue. Then take a ribbon with fabric flower decoration and wrapped the top of this wrapping tin and paste on it with glue gun and get ready a pencil box for your study table.

Waste wine bottles decoration tips

Most of people are waste wine bottles after drinking but now we recycle your wine bottles with creative way. Take your old wine bottles and paint with creative design and adorned with artificial flower for a center piece decoration. Paint your waste wine bottles with stripes simply paint and make rough texture on it. This decorative waste wine bottle is made useful for your home interior décor. It is also best choice for give gift of your friend.

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Old tire for home furniture

Old tire is waste material of every home. Here we have an artistic idea to reuse your old and waste car tire with useful furniture of your living room or garden. Take your old tire and simply wrapped around the rope on it and make a seat on the center of this tire for sitting. And simple paint your old tie and make a seat on the center. You may also used these old tires as a ottoman or stool for sitting and get fantastic hue on your modern home interior or exterior.

Bottle lid decoration idea for kids

Bottle lids are also waste material. But here we bring a new sensation of on your home with these waste bottle lids. Make kids tiny table chair with old bottle lids and get creativity on your home for your kids. Take bottle lids and make a chair and table with battery cell pasting idea. Lest try it for your kids room decoration.