Why Do People Move to Palm Beach?

Why Do People Move to Palm Beach?

Reading about or watching the everyday life of people living in Palm Beach is like seeing a dream become a reality. The place has breathtaking infrastructure and beautiful scenery that will leave you in awe. Its residents can be seen walking up and down the streets with smiles as warm as the sunny weather.

If you’re interested in moving to this area, you can search for companies that sell property like Sotheby’s Real Estate. Here are some reasons people move to this place:


Many people find work in this area because they don’t have to pay state income tax. This has been in effect since 1855. Florida also doesn’t assess an estate or inheritance tax. This means that no portion of what’s received by an individual will go to the state. The only downside is that sales tax is higher than in other places.

Educational System

If you have kids, you want them to receive the best education they can get. The area has many excellent public schools, and it’s one of the largest educational districts in the country. It’s where you’ll find and Western Academy Charter School, one of the finest around.


This region is perfect for people who love the breeze of the sea. There are over 26 public beaches that stretch over 47 miles of the Atlantic coastline, many of which are highlighted with crystal clear blue water and golden sand. You can have a picnic at any of them while watching the waves crash over the limestone. You may even see some of the amazing sealife like the rays.

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Palm Beach has a tropical rainforest climate. Its residents enjoy bright, sunny skies and summery, balmy breezes. The rainy season starts in May and ends in October. The average temperature during that time is 90 degrees. Sometimes, afternoon thunderstorms may be brought about by the hot and humid air. But, these are just brief showers usually followed by lower temperatures because of the refreshing sea breezes.

Locals experience cooler temperatures for the rest of the year. During the drier season, the average temperature is 80 degrees from November to April. But there are times when it gets a little chillier due to cold fronts.

These are some of the reasons many people prefer to move to this place. If you want to buy a property in this area, you can contact businesses that are in the real estate industry like Sothebys palm beach.