Learn Some Tips to Select the Right Handmade Laguiole Knife

Learn Some Tips to Select the Right Handmade Laguiole Knife

If you are in the market to buy a handmade Laguiole knife, then you need to know the features and essential qualities of it. In this article, we will discuss all those factors that you should consider at the time of making a selection.

About handmade Laguiole knif

Depending on the demand of the customers, different varieties of Laguiole knives are introduced in the market. Though these knives are old, but they are designed in a way that gives them a contemporary touch. These handmade knives are made from the best quality stainless steel.

This steel is sourced from credible and reputed vendors in the world. Along with stainless steel, the exceptional craftsman also uses superior quality wood and a few other materials in preparing the knife. The manufacturer of these knives works with specialized importers who ensure that the wood is properly harvested and legally imported.

Laguiole is one of the leading manufacturers of French knives. Their extensive collection of knives is made with the best quality stainless steel material. They are durable, high in quality and reasonably priced. We don’t have any inventory to store pre-made knives. All our knives are made to order.

Each of the brilliant pieces of a knife is made by only one cutler or a local craftsman. These knives are signed by the artisan. A pocket knife with a twelve-centimeter blade, a solid horn handle and double plates make it highly durable and beautiful. These knives are different from other knives available in the market.

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The manufacturers of these knives use the same conventional methods of production. The machines that are used to forge the blades are more than a hundred years old. This results in classiest handmade knives that offer exceptional performance compared to other available knives in the market.

The Origine:

A handmade Laguiole knife is either French-made or handmade.


It is easy to recognize this handmade knife from a set of knives. The fine steel of the knife sets it apart. Also, the handmade guilloche present on the back of the blade or on the blade makes it stand out from the rest.

These knives look well balanced. They are carefully crafted by hand to reach the right balance as well as a great feel. Normally the knife comes in the following dimension:

  • Length = 22cm
  • Thickness of the handle: 2cm horizontally and 1.5 cm vertically.

Lifetime Guaranty:

All these handmade knives are designed to be high in quality. Available in a remarkable range as Collection, Damas, Character, etc. each of them is made by hand with a numbered authenticity certificate. Another feature of these knives is that each of them comes with satisfaction policy.

As per the policy, if a user is not satisfied with the knife, he can even return it to the company for a full refund. This is one important feature that assures user of the authenticity and quality of the knife.

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