Polished Concrete Floors – Why You Must Go for It?

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Polished Concrete Floors – Why You Must Go for It?

These days, polished concrete flooring is the best possible option and is used for both industrial and residential purpose. It is durable, resistant to stains and looks very beautiful. Not only it matches with most of the interiors, but also it is easy to maintain. Highly polished floors have an aesthetic appeal and it lasts longer compared to any other flooring. Let us look closely into it.

Understanding polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors are treated floors with concrete densifier. This evens out and fills up the pores in between the concrete. The densifier is very thick and is itself made from concrete which means the colour remains even throughout.

After this process has been completed grinding machines are used to get a glossier effect. You can select the type of look. You can go for reflective effect or even matte effect as per your wish. Do not forget to match the interiors.

Benefits of polished concrete floors

Considering the modern lifestyle and urban culture polished concrete floors has numerous benefits. It can transform the whole look of the house. Here are the benefits:


Needless to say, polished concrete flooring is very durable. They are very strong and is perfect for bigger families. This can withstand a long wear and tear. Whether it is in your dining room or living room, it can withstand heavy foot traffic. Any type of damage and cracks are impossible. At the same time, you will not find any scratching or chipping along the sides.

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Longer life span

It can last up to 10-12 years, which means the look will be intact. It does not require any professional maintenance and requires very little washing and cleaning. However, it needs to be installed properly. Moreover, if you want to do wooden lamination you can go for it. it will not harm your flooring at all. Additionally, if you carpet, it will just increase the shelf life.


Nevertheless, it is also the most affordable option in the market right now. Due to its higher demand it is still in the grasp of middle-class people. Also, it can be easily done as most of the builders have expertise in it. It only needs staining and finishing.

Low Maintenance

You can just do daily sweeping and mopping to reduce dust accumulation. If you go for higher gloss you should damp your floor time to time. This will help the floor to be shinier for a longer period of time.

Works Well with Floor Heating Systems

Another best thing about concrete floors is that these are very good conductors of heat. Therefore, if you install floor heating systems, you will notice warmer environment with much less power expenditure.

No Usage of Hazardous Chemicals

Undoubtedly, this is the only environment friendly flooring option available in the market. No bad chemicals or adhesives are used during its installation process. Another great quality is that it does not retain any moisture hence it is also resistant to abrasion. With good lightning, you can have the best look for your house.

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