Papier Mache DIY Decoration Ideas That You’ll Love

Papier Mache DIY Decoration Ideas That You'll Love

Papier- Mache diy work is much more fun loving than we consider. We can make interesting objects with scarp pape. Papier Mache actually French work translates as chewed paper in English. You can make opulent things with papers and other adhesive such as glue, dry wall paper glue or starch. There is different way of making Papier Mache.

Way to make Papier Mache paste

Method 1:

Mixed 1/3 part of glue with 1/4 of water smoothly for pasting. You can keep quantity half and half of both elements if glue is extra quality (means glue thicker than normal.

Method 2:

You can make Papier Mache with flour in easy way. Simple take one part of flour and add 1 part of water. Now stir it nicely until it change into mushy brew.

Method 3:

Here is another diy way for making Papier Mache paste. This call cooking method, take 1 part of flour and 5 part of water and let it heat up on low temperature. Boil about 3 minutes and let it cool. This one is easiest and cost saving method.

Method 4:

Liquid starch is another option for quick Papier Mache.


Add little bit of cinnamon (optional) to vanish the smell and little amount of salt to keep your Papier Mache away from any mold. Every time work with 4 layers of paper. Let the first layers to set smoothly before the other. Second time go with 2 layers instead of 4 of more. Also take care of humidity because if can affect your projects.

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Papier Mache piñata

Create a beautiful Papier Mache piñata for you next fiesta. This now becomes party mot favorite part to make fun slot bola88. Shape Papier Mache piñata what you like most. Here we bring sweet ice-cream special piñata for birthday and baby shower specials.

Papier mâché bowl

This Epic craft will definitely adorn you home interior. Add personal touch along induce opulence by making enchanting Papier mâché bowl. Simply you can do it by own either using balloon or take help from any extra bowl. Lock gold-glam-influence bow to adorn console or endtable.

Attractive Papier mâché reindeer

Charismas are biggest festival of the year. Make preparation for exciting celebration. Lock this attractive Papier mâché reindeer for joyous holiday special.

Papier mâché lamp

Pop deco art to accent your home space with warmth and novelty-chic elegance. Look this designer lamp made from Papier mâché. White lamp is absolutely stunning for indoor to outdoor party decoration.

Papier mâché hot air balloon

Are you looking for eye-catching and easy thing for your baby nursery? Try this. Adorable air balloon hanging is really statement addition in kids room which draws attention. You can make festive mobiles and lamps with this idea.

Papier Mache bunny

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Bunnies are gorgeous thing for a joyful entrance decoration for Easter. Make heart-touching hanging by making Papier mâché bunnies and hi carrot.

Cute Papier mâché birds

Papier mâché birds are cutest thing for home decoration. Nail up sweet birds on wall with drift wood for insanely cool wall make-over or set them with a branch and pile of book on table top for artsy finish.