Craft DIY Serving Tray That Match with Your Personality

Craft DIY Serving Tray That Match with Your Personality

Are you food lover and want to serve food in distinctive way? Come here we bring fun-making diy projects to produce special serving trays by giving productive life to useless material. You can do everything just need determination. Sort out required material and form eye-catching serving tray that increase the appetite of the person to whom it present. Mostly we have certain thing in home which feels useless but they still give us some benefits just like old photo frames, Cabinet doors, wood pallets and circular wood pieces are amazing material to create lovely serving tray at home.

Diy chalkboard serving tray

Watch this playful and well design diy chalkboard featuring rectangular serving diy fabulously define your personality. It’s so simple to create rustic-chic serving tray. Collect required material i.e. rectangular wood slat, handles and chalkboard paint. Clean wooden piece nicely and that paint the center of the board with chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry properly before applying other coating. Now it time to install handles. Make holes with drill machine and them fixed handle accurately. It’s ready to serve breakfast and appetizer. Write dish name with chalk for more elegance.

Wooden slice chalkboard serving tray

Rustic become stunning decorative concept widely used in home decoration either contemporary or modern. Look this chic wooden slice crafted handmade serving tray. Raw finishing tree stem slice adorably convert in chalkboard serving tray. Just take wooden slice and paint it with chalkboard ink paint in thicker coats as it give best finishing for smooth writing.

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Stunning handmade serving dish

Here is another chalkboard inspired serving trays crafted under diy project nova88. Textures and lacquered finishing wooden slat used to shape catchy tray with gold accent handle. It’s easy and well design dish suit to every lifestyle. It matches with your personality. You can use it to serve drinks or breakfast.

Repurpose old frame serving tray

Oh my goodness! It’s interesting idea to serve breakfast and lunch. Old frame doesn’t matches with home interior fabulously transform in serving tray. Bring out old wooden or metal photo frame to crate opulent serving dish. First clean the frame properly and paint it if you fell necessary. Over size farm is good selection for this purpose. Paint the central paint in black to create chalkboard. Now it ready to serve breakfast in cute manner.

Diy wine serving tray

Awesome! Are you looking for wine serving try which surprise your guest. Than hack this breathtaking diy project. Smooth raw finishing wooden slice flawlessly transform in wine or drink serving tray with little effort. Cutout the tray from edges to tucked in wine glass in a way show in photo.

Recycled cabinet door serving tray

While renovating kitchen if you change cabinet door and still have extra cabinets than hurry up. Here we have a plan to give them purposeful life. White painted cabinets convert in stunning serving dish by applying black tradition handles on both sides. Edges paint in white while center is in black.

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Wood pallet diy serving tray

Wooden pallets are chic material to create handsome serving tray. Look this rustic inspired serving tray easily can make at home. Take wooden pallets in desire length and number. Make base with three pallets while two for side fixed on the base. Finally drill in holes to fix handles. It’s amazing solution if you want flat serving dish.

Diy rustic serving tray

Here is another wood pallet crafted serving tray incredibly design in box style. Plywood base surrounded with wooden pallets fixed with chrome nails. Squarely crafted wooden serving dish also have handle to strong grip. Cut out the piece from side pallet before fixing. Now it depend over you either you paint it or keep simple to get vintage look.