How Acesulfame Potassium Works?

How Acesulfame Potassium Works?

Acesulfame potassium also known as acesulfame K is a type of sweetener that is free from calories. It can be used in several beverages and foods worldwide for almost fifteen years now. It was first introduced in the United States since 1988. As an artificial sweetener, it is commonly added in candies, baked goodies, desserts, dessert mixes and beverages.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and majority of health organizations had found that ingredients used in this artificial sweetener are safe for all to use. According to ninety studies, this sweetener is safe thus resulting for used in ninety countries worldwide.

Reasons for Using Acesulfame Potassium

There are several reasons why acesulfame is chosen by majority of people and dieters.

  • Offers dieters to eat low calorie or less sugar foods that can help them manage their weight. Produces sweet taste to foods even without hurting your numbers in the scale.
  • Baked goodies can also benefit well with acesulfame potassium. The sweetness is retained even in baking temperature.
  • It offers better taste than other artificial sweeteners in the market.

Food Products that Uses Acesulfame Potassium

More than four thousand products in the market are using acesulfame potassium. In U.S alone, it is approved for used for several products. Some of the products may include:

  • Candies
  • Sweetened syrups
  • Dessert
  • Refrigerated desserts
  • Baked goodies
  • Sauces
  • Tabletop sweeteners
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How Body Uses Acesulfame Potassium?

Dieters prefer acesulfame since the body does not store for long this type of sweetener. Though this is two hundred times sweeter than your ordinary sugar, it is easily secreted by the body. It does not cause any weight gain on your part.


Acesulfame does not cause any cancer. In long-term clinical studies that were previously done, shows that there is no clear indication that sweeteners can cause tumors or cancers.


FDA approved the intake of acesulfame potassium and intake of foods that contain it. However, for expecting mothers, consult with your doctor the use of artificial sweeteners.


People with glucose problems specifically diabetes can use acesulfame potassium. The American Diabetes Association had approved the use of artificial sweeteners for diabetics.

Potassium in the Body:

Potassium contained in the acesulfame potassium is safe for the body. Ideally, potassium is needed for optimized development of the body. The content of potassium in this sweetener only contains a fraction of your daily requirement.

Allergic reaction:

There are no specific reports about allergic reaction to acesulfame potassium. Since it was introduced in the market, no one complaint about possible allergic reactions. Though this type of sweeteners has sulfur, which is a typical allergen and can cause allergic reactions, still artificial sweeteners does not cause any allergic reactions.

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Tooth Decay:

Some think that artificial sweeteners can cause tooth decay. On the other hand, acesulfame is not responsible to any tooth decay. According to a study, the bacteria found in the mouth do not metabolize artificial sweeteners and it does not convert it to plaque or tooth decay.