ABC Diet – Introduction

ABC Diet – Introduction

ABC diet stands for Ana Boot Camp, a type of diet that promotes the low intake of calories. This diet became popular from online communities that had favor anorexia. Following this type of diet may lead to being pro-anorexic. Normally, people who tried this diet plan are adolescents who are desperate to lose weight.

The basis of this diet is fasting several times reducing the calorie intake to just 600 calories and lower. This plan is also related to 2468 diet, which is also promoted in pro-anorexia groups.

However, is it safe to use Ana Boot camp diet? Can this type of diet be used for long? Will it bring the desired results without damaging your system?

How ABC diet Works?

The diet plan of ABC requires a total of fifty days. Each day has designated calories that each dieter needs to consume for that specific day. The daily calorie intake under the ABC diet may range from 0 to 800 only. The normal figures may usually range from 200 calories to 600 calories while there are days that a dieter will not take any food.

Some may even consume the same type of food at the same time or may even just drink liquids to make sure that they will meet their weight immediately.

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The results of low-calorie intake and fasting are weight loss. A dieter will surely lose significant amount of weight rapidly. It can help women and even men who would like to lose weight.

ABC Diet History

The concept of this diet begun in the 1990’s when the pro-anorexia communities had started promoting anorexia not as a disease but as a way of life. However, these internet sites had long discourage people to copy the behaviors and meal plans of pro-anorexics, but many supporter of pro-anorexics still try the diet plan.

Effects of ABC Diet

Health and fitness guru encourage a minimum of 1,200 calories per day to help you lose weight without hurting your system. However, consuming less that amount will result to weight loss that may be unsafe and risky to your health.

In regards to ABC diets, you may lose weight due to very low-calorie intake, however, what you are really loosing are not the ones that you need to get rid. What you are losing is muscle mass.

Muscle mass is important part of your body, removing them is harmful to your system since it can lead to bone loss which may lead to inability of your muscles to move. Likewise, this may lead to bothersome anorexic frame of body, which is not good sight to look.

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The worst effect of this diet fad is the return of the weight that you had already lost earlier. The weight will return is quicker since your body will use the stored fats to have energy. The moment you eat normally eat again; your body will then convert these calories to fat again to replenish the stored fats that you had used when you are dieting thus resulting to gaining of weight again.

In the end, ABC diet is not ideal for those who want to lose weight since it is very risky and the results is not desirable.