500 Calorie Diet – Know Before You Start

500 Calorie Diet – Know Before You Start

Five hundred calorie diet plans are characterized as very low-calorie diets. Restricting calorie intake to one-half or even lower of your daily calorie intake is the basis of 500 calorie diet. This type of diet is what most people used when they want to lose weight rapidly. All diet plans main goal of diet is to lose weight but the duration on how long the weight loss is achieved may differ. With 500-calorie diet, the main goal is achieved in just a short period. As a rule, 500 calories per day is the only allowed daily thus resulting to effective weight loss compared to other diet plans.

Meals for 500 Calorie Diet

Meals included in the 500-calorie diet are the hCG diet. The foods included in the meal plan follows a strict protocol. Breaking the protocol is not recommended since it will break the 500-calorie diet.

For breakfast, tea or coffee is the only allowed while lunch and dinner require 100 grams of meat with one serving of veggies, one serving of fruit and small bread.

Red meat and preserved meats are not allowed. Only white meats are recommended. Some samples of meat that are allowed include:

  • Lean Beef, • Chicken breast, • Veal, • White fish, • Lobster
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Some veggies that are included may include:

  • Cabbage, • Spinach, • Radish, • Cucumbers, • Celery, • Tomatoes

Fruits are also limited. Fruits that are containing too much sugar are not allowed. Fruits included in the list are:

  • Apple, • Strawberries, • Asparagus, • Grapefruit

Aside from the meals included in the diet plan is also combined with injections of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which can be administered by the dieter himself or herself.

40 Day Period of 500 Calorie Diet

This type of diet is only done for forty consecutive days. If the dieter does not achieve the ideal weight within the forty-day period, it can be followed again for another forty-day period. However, there should be six weeks off between each period. Never do this diet for very long time since it can be very risky to your health. Likewise, consult your health care provider if this is safe for you.

500 Calorie Diet – Losing Weight

This is effective in losing weight even without any injections. It only takes 3,500 calories to lose pounds. If the daily calorie intake you have is 2,500, then you will cut it to 500 calories a day, you will be generating a deficit of 2000 calories each day, thus resulting to lose weight rapidly. However, the recommended weight loss is only one to two pounds a week.

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500 Calorie Diet Effects

People may lose weight rapidly however who undergo a very low calorie diet more than a month will likely experience nausea, constipation, diarrhea and lethargy. Some even developed gallstones due to the cholesterol build up in the gallbladder.


If you have existing medical condition and taking any maintenance medicines, 500-calorie diet is not allowed for you. Ask first your health care provider if the 500-calorie diet is safe for your health.